I am Ollie Reardon

Web Developer by Day...
Game Developer by Night!

Hello World! I am a web developer, who is currently located in the West Midlands of England. I have studied at Staffordshire University for a First degree in Web Development. I have experience and knowledge in full-stack web development, web design, Search Engine Optimization and Ecommerce.

I have had the experience of the entire Web development process, from developing brand new projects, to maintaining existing ones. Giving me the ability to design, maintain and develop any web-based project you need.

In my spare time, I enjoy creating game concepts. From creating fun gameplay mechanics to different methods of developing a video game for a varitey of different platforms from desktop, mobile, web and consoles!

Feel free to look into my hobbies even further by visting my blog where I keep readers up to date with my latest projects.

Want to see a sample of my previous work? View my portfolio, GitHub profile and skills page.

Wish to keep in touch? Contact me or follow me on Twitter or Google+.

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